Handmade Hero-related Conferences
HandmadeCon and unofficial related conferences
Once upon a time, we ran two official Handmade Hero conferences: HandmadeCon 2015 and HandmadeCon 2016. We do not run official conferences anymore.
Because there is considerable demand for conferences like these, other people have decided to host their own. These conferences aren’t affiliated with us. They are conferences related to the themes of the series, but which are entirely owned and operated by other people without Molly Rocket’s involvement.
We will try to keep an up-to-date list here of these conferences for quick reference. If you have a low-level programming conference related to the themes of Handmade Hero, and you’d like us to list it here, please let us know.
Unofficial Conference List
Handmade Seattle
A Seattle-based low-level programming conference run by Handmade Network founder Abner Coimbre.