Handmade Community Recurring Contributions
Make a recurring contribution to help support great Handmade Hero-related projects like: Plus, get a little digital bonus pack from Casey as a thank-you for your pledge!
Contribute $12/year Contribute $24/year Contribute $1/month Contribute $2/month Contribute $5/month Contribute $10/month Contribute $25/month Contribute $50/month
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What happened to the Patreon page?
Patreon recently upset a large segment of their patrons and creators by changing the way they handled payment processing. As a result, many people closed their Patreon pages and canceled their Patreon pledges. We did not want to see contribution-driven projects related to Handmade Hero suffer, so we set up this page to allow people to continue contributing via SendOwl instead of Patreon. We've used SendOwl for many years to handle the Handmade Hero source code access, and they've always been great.
What will my contribution fund?
We take the funds contributed here and pay them out to people making resources for the Handmade Hero community. In addition to the examples given above, we try to look for upcoming projects that might benefit the community, and which could use some funding to help them along.
Can I pledge a different amount than listed above?
Not yet, unfortunately. SendOwl does not yet allow "name-your-own-price" subscriptions, so we had to create specific subscription prices that roughly line up with what people usually pledge. If SendOwl adds user-specified subscription amounts in the future, we will add that option here immediately!
Are there rewards, and do they differ by pledge level?
These community contributions are solely a way for people to help fund the people who are making free resources for the Handmade Hero community. As such, there are no reward levels. All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. Anyone who pledges any amount will get a small digital thank-you gift from Casey, which is a ZIP file with a few concept art pieces and code snippets.
How can I cancel my pledge?
All pledges are managed by SendOwl. When you first pledge, you should have received a link for managing your subscription. This link allows you to create a SendOwl account based on your e-mail address where you can manage all your subscriptions. If for some reason you are unable to cancel your pledge this way, you can directly contact SendOwl's support staff who should be able to help you cancel it.